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Thèse débutée en septembre 2019

Detoxification of Heavy Metals by using plants in Siddha Tradition


Some heavy metals are nutritionally essential elements playing key roles in different physiological and biological processes (iron, cobalt, zinc, copper, chromium, etc,) while some others are considered as the potentially toxic elements in high amounts or certain chemical forms. Nowadays, various usage of heavy metals in industry, agriculture, medicine and technology has lead to a widespread distribution in nature raising concerns about their effects on human health and environment. Due to extensive damage caused by heavy metal poisoning on various organs of the body, the investigation and identification of therapeutic methods for poisoning with heavy metals is very important. The most common method for the removal of heavy metals from the body is administration of chemical chelators. Recently the entire population is showing interest in traditional medicine, and it has increased the demand for Siddha drugs. Siddha system of medicine is one of the ancient system of medicine. Medicines, which made up of metals and minerals in addition with herbals are usual one in this system. Siddhar’s who are the inventors of Siddha medicines not only provide the medicinal preparation for treating diseases. They also mentioned the detoxification methodologies for purifying the ingredients of the medicinal preparations not only the metals and minerals even plants they mention it. Bhogar is a siddhar, who is considered as one of the eighteen siddhars born in the world.

According to epigraphical sources and his book Bhogar Seven thousand his period is around 3000 B.C. Bhogar born at India and visited China in search of truth of life, he gained knowledge in medicine, astrology, spritiuality, yoga etc. Bhogar anticipating that in due course of period, human beings will suffer from large number of disease. As an expert in medicine he used 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous medicine, mixing these 9 poisons into one needs great knowledge and skill, to make a Master Medicine (One medicine to cure all disease). these 9 poisons or the Nava Bhashanam to make a statue of Lord Muruga (Dandapani vigraha) which has since been installed in the Murugan temple at Palani near Dindigul and is still worshipped. it elicits life giving essence into the fluids of libation as the abhishekam progresses which cures all human diseases when consumed. In this present study we have to follow purification and Preparation procedure will done as per the literature evidence with the help of using modern technologies to cure the diesase. We have to prove that purification methodologies and also the preparation procedure of Siddha Medicine make the Heavy metals and Minerals as harmless and safe for human beings.




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