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Animé par Nicolas Lainé

The re-examination of health knowledge since the COVID-19 pandemic encourages to adopt a more inclusive viewpoint by opening up to other forms of knowledge, particularly those used on a daily basis by local communities. Until now, local communities have been on the front line of sanitary risks, but they have mostly been regarded as obstacles to expert interventions, and their local knowledge has been barely considered.

To fill this gap, the humanities and social sciences are well positioned to document this local knowledge and to initiate a dialogue with the scientific one. Drawing from various ethnogra-phic research and project implementation, this seminar will present various way in which the practical experience and way of life of local communities with animals and their environment can be mobilized to improve the management and prevention of health crises.

Presentations will be followed by a 30 minutes discussion session to allow participants to exchange ideas.

The seminar includes the following presentations:

Local understandings of mpox emergence in Central African Republic (20 min): ROMAIN DUDA, INSTITUT PASTEUR

Downscaling One health for ward level resilience (20 min): JAI WARRIER, INITIATIVE FOR CLIMATE ACTION, BANGALORE

Cambodian sanitary practices in the rat trade (20 min): MERIEM M'ZOUGHI, IRD UMR ESPACE DEV

Discussion-conclusion (30 min)

Animation-coordination: NICOLAS LAINE, IRD UMR PALOC

ROMAIN DUDA will highlight the contribution of ethno-historical narratives to One Health in the context of mpox emergence in Central African Republic.

JAI WARRIER will present the design and deployment of a One Health project encompassing local knowledge to develop a Dengue-free ward in Bangalore.

MERIEM M'ZOUGHI will question the health risks associated with in the hunt and trade of rats in Cambodia from an ecological local knowledge's point of view.


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