Cirad, INRAE and IRD, Stockholm+50 associated event

Cirad, INRAE and IRD are organising a Stockholm+50 associated event online, on May 31, 3-5PM central european summertime (CEST). For the 50 year anniversary of the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm, scientists will present key messages from three policy brriefs published by Cirad, IDDRI, INRAE and IRD. The event aims to foster collective action and cooperation between stakeholders, policymakers and scientists, in order to improve policy coherence on the land sector and between sectors, to face environmental challenges.

Avec la participation de Youba Sokona, Vice-Président du Giec.

Intervention de Catherine Aubertin (sa page ici)

Aubertin Catherine, Weill Claire, Dorin Bruno, Caquet Thierry, Loconto Allison, Losch Bruno, Poux Xavier (2022). Sustainable  Land-Use  Transitions: Moving beyond the 30x30 Target and the  Land Sparing/ Sharing Debates. Policy brief, IRD, INRAE, CIRAD, IDDRI, march 2022. 6 p.


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