Publication issue du projet BufFarm coordonné par Nicolas Lainé

This case highlights the importance of involving local communities in a One Health perspective by valuing their knowledge and engaging them as partners in research. Rather than treating local communities as mere data sources, this approach recognizes the significance of their knowledge and places it on equal footing with scientific knowledge. By adopting a transdisciplinary approach that integrates local knowledge, the understanding of the local context is expanded, leading to the development of contextually relevant and sustainable solutions. It draws from the BufFarm project that focuses on buffalo farming within the Lua community in Thailand and investigates local ethnoveterinary and ethnobotanical knowledge, environmental impacts, and antimicrobial resistance.

Lainé, N. et al. (2023) ‘Beyond Data Source: Engaging Herders’ Knowledge and Perspectives within the BufFarm Research Process’, One Health Cases. CABI International. doi: 10.1079/onehealthcases.2023.0023.

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